Set Design
Copenhagen Contemporary

ANTHROPIA is a cinematic VR performance, in which video art, performance, installation art and VR meet in a

60-minute-long event. In CC’s 400 m2 hall visitors, wearing VR goggles, will wander freely through the installation, which correlates on a scale of 1:1 with the physical scenography of the exhibition space.

The work’s ceremonial narrative is divided into five chapters, in which the visitors are sent on a voyage through the virtual worlds of five different artists.

The experience takes place on a miniature golf course,

and the road to ANTHROPIA starts on Fairway 1. But with every step you take into the synthetic reality, all that was once familiar gradually dissolves, and a new reality takes shape.

ANTHROPIA is written and directed by Johan Knattrup Jensen and produced by Mads Damsbo. The artists responsible for the video chapters are: 

Therese Willstedt (SE), Rikke Benborg (DK), Ali Abbasi (IR), Julian Juhlin (DK) and Johan Knattrup Jensen (DK).

ANTHROPIA is presented by art studio Makropol and exhibited at Copenhagen Contemporary.

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